Sitting here in limbo


Sometimes it feels like I spend half my life sitting in airports waiting for a plane. Fog delays in Bogota have kept us in the airport for hours waiting for a flight to Medellin. Luckily the waiting area is full of good people watching to keep us going. Busy toddlers being chased by watchful mom’s. Beautiful Columbian women teetering around on 6″ heels and lots of tranquilo people waiting patiently.

There’s only one little coffee kiosk with sweet rolls and cappuccino but the long lines are daunting and the selection of rolls is shrinking fast. The Avianca Airlines agents say we’ll get out in about an hour but they told us that an hour ago so…

The wireless signal is also tranquilo (really slow) but I’ve got time to wait so why worry when the page times out while trying to upload a photo or two to go with this blog. I beat my wife Leela at gin so now she won’t play with me again. She’s not a sore loser, she just likes to win and that makes two of us so the games are hard fought to the end.

I’m excited about getting to Medellin. Everyone raves about how beautiful it is and relatively inexpensive to boot. we’re renting a three bedroom VRBO (vacation rental by Owner) that’s on the 18th floor of an apartnebt building in a great part of town for only$150 a night. I hope it really looks like the pictures. I’ll let you know if we get there tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we don’t have to find another place to stay in Bogota for the night.

Hey, they just said we board in ten minutes so I’ll catch up later.

Made it!

Medellin is amazing! It was 31 kilometers from the airport to town on a four lane highway that cuts a winding path through the mountains before it drops into the valley and you see the lights of Medellin. More than 3 million people live in  in this valley ringed by mountains. The apartment is at 5280 feet just like back home in Denver. The temperature her ranges from fifty to ninety degrees  with an average annual rainfall of 65 inches.

The night we arrived it rained gatos and perros. (cats and dogs) It rained so heavy that, in fifteen minutes the gutters were full and water was over the curbs. That explains the lush greenery everywhere and the high humidity. The climate is sub-tropical and they never see snow here.

We’re meeting some interesting expatriates here that I’ll be introducing you to later.

Best to all!


Best to all

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