Outdoor Recreation

Panama offers every kind of water sport imaginable—deep sea sport fishing, spear-fishing, reef diving, scuba diving, snorkeling and sea kayaking.  Plus world class waves for surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. There’s golf, tennis and horseback riding as well as canopy zip line, river rafting and whale watching.     

For the yachting coterie and tourists you can sail or motor to paradise. Voyage to any safe harbor of the 1600 islands dotting both coasts. The most spectacular is the archipelago of the San Blas islands on the Caribbean side– in a Kuna Yala Province with a chain of 350 tiny islands strung out over 100 miles. Picture postcard perfect islas with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and coconut palm trees await.

Panama is paradise for those who love wildlife and water. With its average temperature of around 80º F, this pleasant tropical climate is perfect for all of your favorite outdoor sports and recreation, or just to hang out and do nothing but watch the clouds change shape and build castles in the sand.

Panama has the highest ratio of coastline compared to land area of any Latin American country. Its gorgeous beaches, islands and waterways offer a rich variety of safe and exciting opportunities for swimming and all other water sports.

Some favorite beaches are La Cabaña Beach on Colón Island and Boca del Drago Beach in Bocas del Toro Province. Bocas del Toro has a marina for boating transportation to the islands with beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons for swimming, snorkeling, and turtle watching. Other beautiful popular beaches are Cermeño, Gorgona, Coronado, Punta Barco, Las Lajas, El Palmar, Río Mar and Santa Catalina beaches in Veraguas Province.

Panama has 14 national parks, over a dozen forest reserves, 10 wildlife refuges, hundreds of islands and miles of protected coral reefs. About 29 percent of Panama’s land area is protected.

Just an hour ferry ride from Panama City or a 20 minute flight are the Pearl Islands on the Pacific side in the Gulf of Panama.  Isla Contadora and Tobaga are renowned for their natural beauty plus luxury resorts, marinas, second residences and tourist hotspots.Contadora means accountant and is where the Spanish counted harvested pearls.

Panama is a virtual eco-playground of incredible natural beauty to explore and enjoy.

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