Boquete & Volcan Lodging

El Panamonte is a quaint historic hotel (since 1914) within walking distance from the main street of Boquete. The 25 room accommodations are tasteful and charming. Dining experiences range from good to great. There is a cozy restaurant and lounge area with the old world charm of a fireplace for chilly nights. There is a separate restaurant for breakfast with white linen tablecloths. The ambience is cozy, unpretentious with an understated elegance and graciousness. 

The charming Boquete Garden Inn is nestled on the banks of the Palo Alto River but you’ll need a car to drive to the town center. The gardens are stunning and the flowers attract brightly colored birds. This is a B& B has five cabanas with two guest rooms in each, reasonably priced. Breakfast is served with the locally grown Panama coffee. This B&B is operated by an American expat who fell in love and married a local Panamanian.

In the nearby mountain town of Volcan, you can stay at the landmark Hotel Bambito with its pretty flower gardens, lakes with fountains, a place where wedding celebrations are held. Some of the original expats of Boquete have moved to nearby Volcan which is less expensive and more pristine in their opinion.

For the traveler who wants to connect their soul to the natural environment, you may want to visit is the well-known Finca Lerida, a coffee plantation.

Finca Lerida Bed & Breakfast is the original vintage (rustic) family home of  Scandinavian design with a fireplace in the living room for cool evenings. Ideal for nature photographers and those interested in exploring the rich flora and fauna and bird-watching for the resplendent quetzals.  You can relax in it’s few rooms and enjoy a home-cooked meal in the cafe after taking an eco- tour. Finca Lerida is one of Boquete’s oldest and most traditional coffee estates at a altitide of 5,500 feet on the foothills of Baru Volcano.

Organic fruits, vegetable and fresh cream from Holsteins can be obtained locally in addition to the flavorful coffee makes for a healthy lifestyle.

Boquete is home to a variety of lodging accommodations from low priced to five star priced hotel with spa services.

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