Expat’s Paradise Panama Crew:   Freelance professionals who worked on location or post-production for the July, 2011 Panama shoot are:

Drew Levinson, Sound Recordist.

Drew is experienced in network television documentaries and news including four seasons on Survivor–the CBS Reality Show; NBC Dateline with Ann Curry & Special Documentary with Tom Brokow; Frontline–Haiti Quake; Bernie Madoff Story, BP Oil Spill and other major topics and current events.

Jeffrey Wilkins, First Unit Cameraman.

Jeffrey is based in Los Angeles and has vast experience in both on-location and studio production work as DP and camera operator. Work has been worked on feature films, television series, and reality tv, commercials and music videos. Television shows include The Office, “Greek” Day Break, Without a Trace, and America’s Top Model and  The Aprentice.  

Robert Ranney,  Second Unit Cameraman and Co-host in Pedasi, Panama.

A recent graduate of Brown University, Rob freelances in Rhode Island as a videographer, photographer,  and 3D artist and musician.

John Brisnehan of BrisnehanDesign, a professional in Motion Graphics and image manipulations, who designed the standard opening for Expat’s Paradise with the zoom in from above earth through the clouds to the map of Panama with the logo over the map.

Colibri Productions, Aerial photography, a Panamanian aerial filming company situated in Panama City, Panama. They capture HD images with Cineflex V-14, a Gyro-Stablized Camera System that delivers stunning vibration-free aerial shots.

Brandon Wahlers, Underwater Photography.  Brandon is a national spear fishing champion .  Brandon camped out with the show hosts.  He speared the fish cooked over an open fire and shared with Kuna Indians Natalia and Julio Filos,  custodians of a remote San Blas island.

Robin Wells, make-up artist/grip. Robin provided make-up services for the hosts; Grip.

Driver in Panama City: Jose Mora as seen here in the black and white striped shirt along with the whole crew and show hosts having lunch together in Casco Viejo or the historic Old Town neighborhood in Panama City.


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