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The People are the Heart of a Country

The hosts for the show are Brian and Leela Gill, a husband and wife team from Boulder, Colorado whose mission is to find a place to live abroad.  They meet expats, both U.S citizens and Canadians, living in different countries to learn from their experiences.  These adventurous people have successfully made the transition and are a part of the community in a new culture.

While the Gills provide the “glue” for each episode, the main focus in on the expats and locals.  The hosts feels that the people are the heart of each story.

Your Invitation

You are cordially invited to come along and be inspired by people seeking a new adventure in a foreign culture. Searching the world for our own piece of paradise, we socialize with expats to get an intimate peek into their lifestyles abroad. We hope you’ll join us as we meet those who have forged a path.

Why did these expats decide to leave their country of origin? What is their livelihood? How much does it cost to live there? What are the locals like? How did they select their adopted country? What is their story? What are the pros & cons of living abroad? What are the challenges and pitfalls or drawbacks of a particular country?

Expat’s Paradise  is a new television series about US and Canadian citizens living abroad to be shown on a broadcast network to be announced soon.   The first season will be in Latin America because of its proximity to the US and the affordable cost of living there.

Brian Gill

Brian is a thirty-four year television news and entertainment professional who has worn many hats and won many awards in his broadcast career.  Before starting his own production company,  Brian has traveled the United States and the world as a videographer/editor documenting national and international news, issues and politics for the the PBS NewsHour formerly known as the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.   He has also worked as a videographer  for many World Report documentaries on HD net.  Show Creator, Executive Producer and Director of Photography for the Expat’s Paradise television show shot in five Latin American countries.

Mr. Gill is the Show Creator, Executive Producer and Director of Photography for the Expat’s Paradise television series.

Leela Gill

Leela is the show co-creator, researcher and fieldproducer and co-host for Expat’s Paradise. Leela brings her international living experience and knowledge as well as her entrepreneurial skills to work on a broad range of topics. Her expertise includes  real estate transactions such as buying, financing, building, maintaining and selling of property both in the US and overseas. She’s built homes in both Mexico and Nicaragua and briefly operated a bar/cafe (called Alta Vista) on an island in Lake Cocibolca near Granada.  Leela is a self-proclaimed xenophile,  (an individual who is attracted to foreign peoples, manners or cultures.)

Expat’s Paradise Productions, LLC is a media production company owned and operated by the Gills who currently live in Boulder, Colorado.   The production company is considering future relocation of  its headquarters in Latin America.

If you like the idea of Expat’s Paradise please email us and let us know what other international destinations you’d like us to cover.  We’d like to hear from you.

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